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Since 1975, the diplomatic ties between Fiji and Turkey have been amicable and tranquil. The multiracial policy and similar initiatives like TIKA were endorsed by both nations. To further cement their relationship, both parties agreed to a contract for plane transportation.Fijian citizens who are ordinary passport holders need an e-visa to enter Turkey, whereas official passport holders are exempt from the need for 90 days.

Fijians may apply for an electronic visa to Turkey. The application procedure is simple and just has three prerequisites at the very least. For foreign nationals who require travel authorisation, the e-visa application will save a ton of time.

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Turkey Entry Requirements for Fiji Citizens

Initially, Fijian applicants have to fill up their details, travel dates, and passport information. They must ensure that these details match the content of their supporting documents. Thoroughly review the form before you click submit. Modification is no longer applicable once it gets processed.

The system will send an email confirmation once the payment gets verified. The file is in PDF format, which they can download afterward. Kindly print it on paper as border authorities will check it along with other supporting documents.

Please before submitting your form, please ensure you are a Fijian Citizen. Please, kindly go over all your details carefully to avoid any mistakes. Also, remember to fill in those places with a red asterisk, to ensure smooth processing of your Turkish visa. Choose the right process time, then wait, we will get back to you in due time.

Turkish E-visa Policy For Fijian Citizens

First and foremost, only travel and business are permitted with a Turkish e-visa. The system does not grant any visas for permanent residency, schooling, or work.

As previously noted, people of Fiji with regular passports can benefit from obtaining an e-visa online. Fijians are qualified for a 1-month single-entry travel permit for a total of 180 days, but citizens of the majority of nations are able to receive multiple-entry visas. If they interact with Turkish diplomatic offices, they can receive repeated admission within 90 days.

Holders of official passports from Fiji are immune from the need for visas, but only if their trip does not last more than 90 days.


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