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Turkish e-Visa applications are available to Equatorial Guinean nationals. Equatoguineans may apply and obtain their travel permission online, making the new biometric procedure quick and labor-saving. Equatorial Guinean citizens can visit Turkey for 30 days thanks to the Turkish e-Visa. Owners of official and common cans from Equatorial Guinea may apply for a single-entry visa to Turkey.

Equatorial Guinea falls under the definition of a conditional e-Visa, which designates a foreigner’s eligibility to cross Turkey’s borders. Equatoguineans must be current residents of one of the three countries—the United Kingdom, Ireland, or the United States—or be current Schengen Area members. They are required to submit evidence of their domicile as part of the
supporting document .

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Turkey Entry Requirements for Equatorial Guinea Citizens

Like other foreign nationals under conditional E-Visa, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs authorized Equatoguinean a 180 days validity. Travelers from Equatorial Guinea must be conscious of the Turkey e-Visa policy. During the 180-days validity of their permit, Equatoguinean should not exceed the thirty days stay in Turkey.

Travelers from Equatorial Guinea must own a passport (valid for six months upon arrival), payment for the Turkey visa fee, a verified email address. The applicant must choose Equatorial Guinea as their country of origin and a suitable travel document they plan to use in their trip. Equatoguinean travelers have to disclose their travel itinerary, personal information, and passport details accurately. For convenience, electronic payment channels are available on the website.

Equatoguinean can submit their form a week before their planned travel to Turkey, and the result may be out within one to three business days. Applicants from Equatorial Guinea will get an email notification for visa confirmation. The document will be available in PDF, which they can download and print.

Important Note: To avoid post-application discrepancies, Equatoguinean applicants should carefully review the form before clicking submit. Any incorrect, undisclosed, or mismatched information may invalidate or cancel visa entry.

Please before submitting your form, please ensure you are a Equatorial Guinea Citizen. Please, kindly go over all your details carefully to avoid any mistakes. Also, remember to fill in those places with a red asterisk, to ensure smooth processing of your Turkish visa. Choose the right process time, then wait, we will get back to you in due time.

Turkish E-visa Policy For Equatorial Guinea Citizens

Equatorial Guinean visitors are only permitted to use the Turkey e Visa for travel-related purposes. Other visa kinds, such as those for permanent residence, work, research, or education, nevertheless require an appointment in the interim owing to their rigorous application procedures. As a result, Equatoguineans may go to Turkish Consulates nearby.

The following airlines are available for travel from Equatorial Guinea to Turkey: Turkish Airlines, Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, and
Atlas Global Airlines.


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