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Egyptian citizens can apply online for a Turkish e-Visa. Since the application is entirely online, it may save them a lot of time and work. Egypt meets the requirements for a Turkish conditional e-Visa, which determines a visitor’s eligibility for a visa.

Egyptians with regular passports are eligible for a single-entry visa to Turkey. A valid residence visa for the United Kingdom, United States of America, or Ireland permits an Egyptian visitor to stay for 30 days.

Egyptian nationals who are currently members of the Schengen Area are also qualified to apply for a Turkish e-Visa. As a supporting document, travelers from Egypt must produce a proof of residency.

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Turkey Entry Requirements for Egyptian Citizens

Applying for a Turkey tourist visa for Egyptian citizens is quick and convenient. Egyptian nationals are first required to complete the online application form, providing basic information including:

  • Full name, gender, date of birth, and country of citizenship
  • Egyptian passport details: number, issue, and expiry date
  • Email address and other contact details
  • Date of arrival in Turkey

Applicants are advised to check all the information is correct before submitting the request.

After filling out the form, the visa fee is paid using a credit or debit card and the request is sent for review.

Egyptians usually have to wait no more than 24 hours to receive the approved Turkey e-Visa by email. It may take up to 48 hours.

Please before submitting your form, please ensure you are a Egyptian Citizen. Please, kindly go over all your details carefully to avoid any mistakes. Also, remember to fill in those places with a red asterisk, to ensure smooth processing of your Turkish visa. Choose the right process time, then wait, we will get back to you in due time.

Turkish E-visa Policy For Egyptian Citizens

If they go there for both business and pleasure, visitors from Egypt can obtain a Turkey e-Visa. Therefore, Egyptian citizens in need of visas for permanent residence, research, work, or education should visit the Turkish Office in their neighborhood.

Egypt Air, along with Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global Airlines, Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, and other airlines, is the official flag carrier of Egypt and offers flights to Turkey. To prove their ability to pay for their trip, travelers from Egypt are required to provide a statement of accounts or other kind of identification.

Turkey needs at least 50 USD each person every day. An official hotel reservation must be one of the supporting documents for Egyptians.

Travelers from Egypt are permitted to stay for a maximum of 30 days.


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