Turkey e-Visa Application for Algerian Citizens | Apply an Online Visa for Turkey

Algerian citizens who will make application for Turkey e-Visa should consider some situations. Turkey exempts visa requirements from Algerian citizens who obtain an official passport, provided that their travel must not exceed 90 days. 

See a list of Turkey’s exemption for Algerian passport holders:

  • Algerians with an official passport – Visa-free within 90 days period of stay
  • Algerians with an ordinary passport (under 15 years old) – Visa-free within 90 days period of stay
  • Algerians with an ordinary passport (over 65 years old) – Visa-free within 90 days period of stay

Travelers ages 15-65 holding an ordinary passport must apply for a Turkish visa upon entry. Algerians who are also a member of the Schengen Area or have a residence permit from the UK, USA, and Ireland, are eligible for Turkey e-Visa. Algerian citizens can complete their Turkey e-Visa application online.

They can get their single-entry permit with 30 days of stay by completing a simple application.

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Turkey Entry Requirements for Algerian Citizens

Algerians need to meet all the electronic visa requirements to apply online.

Travelers must:

  • Be aged 15-18 or 35-65
  • Have a valid visa or residence permit from a Schengen country, the USA, the UK, or Ireland
  • Be visiting Turkey for tourism or business purposes
  • Spend no more than 30 days in Turkey

Algerians who do not meet all these conditions must apply for their visa through a Turkish Embassy.

Please before submitting your form to Turkey e-Visa, please ensure you are an Algerian Citizen. Please, kindly go over all your details carefully to avoid any mistakes. Also, remember to fill in those places with a red asterisk, to ensure smooth processing of your Turkish e-visa. Choose the right process time, then wait, we will get back to you in due time.

Turkish E-visa Policy For Algerian Citizens

  • Algerian passport validity should be 6 months or more. The count starts on the day they arrive in Turkey
  • The system will send relevant notifications to the applicant’s registered email address
  • Immigration recommends Algerians to apply for e-Visa 3 to 5 days before their intended travel dates to Turkey
  • Algerians have to download and print their e-Visa on paper. The border authorities will scrutinize all presented requirements before they allow travelers for entry. Ensure that the information provided is concise and sufficient. Otherwise, authorities may declare invalid entry.
  • Algerians must be held responsible during their entire trip and ensure they do not overstay their visa. Otherwise, they may pay fines and penalties. Worse, they can get banned from their future travels to Turkey.

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