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The country of Turkey has strict visa requirements for Afghan nationals who wish to go there. Afghanistan citizens with regular passports, special civil service passports, and service passports from the government are eligible to apply for Turkish e-Visas. Afghan nationals are granted a single-entry visa for 30 days of travel using the Turkish e-Visa system. Afghans having official or diplomatic passports are excluded from this procedure. They may continue their journey so long as it doesn’t go more than 90 days.

The connection between Afghanistan and Turkey has been quite good, largely due to their long shared history dating back to 1923. Afghanistan was also the second nation to recognise the Republic of Turkey, after the Soviet Union. Furthermore, the Afghan-Turkish relationship is heavily influenced by military aid, and vice versa. Over time, the close ties between Afghan and Turkish people have been confirmed by several sources, cementing their strong bond.

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Turkey Entry Requirements for Afghanistan Citizens

Travelers from Afghanistan need the following documents to enter Turkey:

  • Afghan passport
  • Turkish visa
  • Schengen, Ireland, UK, or US visa or residence permit
  • Return flight tickets
  • Hotel reservation
  • Proof of adequate funds (USD 50 per day)

Please before submitting your form, please ensure you are a Afghanistan Citizen. Please, kindly go over all your details carefully to avoid any mistakes. Also, remember to fill in those places with a red asterisk, to ensure smooth processing of your Turkish visa. Choose the right process time, then wait, we will get back to you in due time.

Turkish E-visa Policy For Afghanistan Citizens

  • The e-Visa system only accepts applications for tourism and business purposes. Afghanistan citizens may visit the nearest Turkish embassy if they need other types of visas. Permit for educational, employment, and official visit purposes require a different e-Visa process.
  • Once e-Visa gets approved, Afghanistan citizens have 180 days to travel to Turkey before it gets invalid.
  • They must not exceed the 30-day allowable period of stay in Turkey. Overstaying may be subject to paying fines and penalties.
  • To extend their Turkey visa, Afghanistan citizens can visit the nearest police station, where they can inquire about the procedure for obtaining a temporary resident permit.
  • Immigration recommends Afghan travelers apply for Turkey e-Visa at least 3 to 5 days before their departure flight.
  • Afghans transiting through Turkey do not need a travel authorization if they would only stay at the airport’s transit area for seventy-two hours. If it is more than the allotted time, they have to apply for an e-Visa.
  • The details in e-Visa should match the information declared to their supporting documents. Inaccuracy and falsification may result in the traveler’s suspension of entry.

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