How to Obtain a Turkish Visa for Cape Verde Citizens

Turkey eVisa for Cape Verde Citizens

Embarking on a journey to Turkey has never been more convenient for Cape Verde citizens. With the Electronic Turkey Visa (e-Visa) program, travelers can now secure their visas online. This transformative initiative, launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey in 2013, simplifies the visa application process, making it effortless and efficient.  The Turkey eVisa for Cape Verde citizens is not just an option – it’s a mandatory prerequisite for short-term visits. Whether you’re traveling for tourism, business, transit, or medical purposes, the e-Visa is your key to discovering Turkey’s wonders.

Turkey Entry Requirements for Cape Verdeans

Prior to embarking on your Turkish adventure, it’s essential to have the following documents in order:

  1. Proof of Financial Capability: Demonstrating a daily minimum income of at least 50 USD.
  2. Confirmed Hotel Reservation: Ensure you have accommodation arrangements in place.
  3. Travel Insurance: Safeguard your journey with comprehensive travel insurance.

The Turkish eVisa Policy

  • Cape Verde travelers must heed the stipulated days mentioned in their Turkey e-Visa. Overstaying carries serious consequences, including fines and penalties. Unreported extensions could lead to future travel bans in Turkey. If circumstances necessitate an extended stay, visiting the nearest Police Station is the recommended course of action. There, negotiation for a temporary resident visa can be initiated, albeit with an additional fee.
  • Before you hit that submit button, ensure your Cape Verde citizenship is verified. Review your application details meticulously to eliminate errors. Pay special attention to fields marked with a red asterisk to facilitate a smooth visa processing experience. Choose the appropriate processing time, and anticipate our timely response.
  • Cape Verde citizens seeking entry under the Turkish Conditional E-Visa category must fulfill specific criteria. While resident permits from certain countries like the UK, the US, Ireland, and valid Schengen Area memberships serve as prerequisites, e-permits and e-Visas acquired in these nations are not deemed valid supporting documents.
  • The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs designates specific airline partners for entry, and Cape Verde travelers must select from the following:
  1. Turkish Airlines
  2. Pegasus Airlines
  3. Atlas Global Airlines
  4. Onur Air


Embark on a seamless journey to Turkey with the Cape Verde Turkey e-Visa in hand. The era of complex visa procedures is behind you, replaced by an online application process designed to enhance your travel experience. Discover Turkey’s enchanting landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history – all made accessible through the convenience of the Turkey e-Visa. Begin your Turkish odyssey today!

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