Turkey E-Visa for Bhutanese Citizens: How to Apply Online

Turkey Online Visa for Bhutan

Are you a Bhutanese citizen looking to explore the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Turkey? The Turkey Online Visa for Bhutan citizens provides an efficient way for travelers like you to obtain the necessary travel authorization online. Launched in 2013 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkey e-Visa allows Bhutanese citizens to enjoy trips for tourism, business, transit, or medical purposes.

Turkey E-Visa: Essential Information for Bhutanese Citizens

For Bhutanese citizens planning a visit to Turkey, obtaining a Turkey e-Visa is not just recommended – it’s a mandatory requirement for short stays. Your Turkey e-Visa is linked to your passport, which must remain valid for at least six months beyond your departure from Turkey.

Turkey Entry Requirements for Bhutan

To enter Turkey, Bhutanese citizens must have a valid passport or travel document. When applying for the Turkey e-Visa, make sure to use the same passport that you intend to travel with. Rest assured, there’s no need to carry any physical documents. Your Turkey Electronic Visa information is securely stored in the Turkey Immigration system.

As part of the application process, you’ll need a valid credit or debit card to cover the Turkey Visa Online fee. Additionally, provide a working email address – this is where your Turkey e-Visa will be delivered. Remember, accurate data entry is crucial; any discrepancies between your Turkey Visa and passport information may necessitate a new application.

Before you submit your application, ensure you are indeed a Bhutanese citizen. Thoroughly review all details to avoid errors. Pay extra attention to fields marked with a red asterisk, as they are essential for smooth processing. Select your desired processing time and await our timely response.

The Turkish E-Visa Policy for Bhutanese Citizens

When planning your travel dates, note that your departure must occur within 30 days of your arrival in Turkey. Whether you’re staying for just a day or up to 30 days, Bhutanese passport holders must acquire a Turkey e-Visa. Should your travel plans exceed this duration, apply for an appropriate visa aligned with your intentions. Keep in mind that the Turkey e-Visa is exclusively for tourism and business purposes. Students and workers should apply for traditional visas via the nearest Turkey embassy or commission.

Within the 180-day validity period, your Turkey e-Visa allows a stay of up to 30 days – perfect for experiencing the wonders of Turkey. It’s important to note that the Turkey e-Visa is valid for a single entry only, offering you a seamless travel experience.


Embark on your Turkish journey with confidence, armed with the knowledge of the Turkey e-Visa process for Bhutanese citizens. Say goodbye to traditional visa hassles and embrace the ease of online application. Plan your adventure today and get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and rich heritage of Turkey.

Apply for your Turkey e-Visa now and set the course for an unforgettable travel experience!

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